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World Conference on Marine Biodiversity
Valencia, Spain 11-15 November 2008


First announcement.

Aims of the Conference

- To review the current understanding of marine biodiversity, its role
in marine ecosystem functioning and its socio-economic context
- To assess current and future threats and potential mitigation
strategies for conservation and regulation of marine resources
- To identify future research priorities

Chairs of the Conference

Carlo Heip (Royal Netherlands Institute of Sea Research and Netherlands
Institute of Ecology, the Netherlands) and Carlos Duarte (IMEDEA (CSIC-
University of the Balearic Islands), Mallorca, Spain.)

Supporting Organisations

EU Network of Excellence: MarBEF
Directorate General of Research of the European Commission
Commission Internationale pour l'Exploration Scientifique de la
Méditerranée CIESM
European Environment Agency
European Network of Marine Research Stations MARS
International Council for the Exploration of the Seas ICES
Scientific Council for Antarctic Research SCAR
Scientific Council for Oceanic Research SCOR (provisional)
The Census of Marine Life
The European Census of Marine Life
The Marine Board of the European Science Foundation
The Oceanographic Park of the City of Arts and Science, Valencia (Spain)
The Príncipe Felipe Science Museum, Valencia (Spain)
International Scientific Committee
Carlo Heip (chair)
Carlos Duarte (co-chair)
Fred Buchholz (MarBEF and MARS)
Dave Paterson (MarBEF)
Poul Holm (MarBEF)
Doris Schiedek (MarBEF)
Hartmut Barth (EC DG Research)
Frédéric Briand (CIESM)
Antje Boetius (DIVERSITAS)
Eva Gelabert (EEA)
Adi Kellerman (ICES)
Ad Huiskes (SCAR)
Ed Urban (SCOR)
Fred Grassle (CoML)
Graham Shimmield (EuroComl)
Niamh Connolly (Marine Board - ESF)
Patricio Bernal (Unesco IOC)
Salvatore Arico (Unesco MAB)

Local Organizing Committee
To be announced

Outline of organization

The conference will last for four days with plenary presentations in the
morning and a number of parallel sessions organized in relation to
demand. Invited plenary speakers may be suggested (and preferably
funded) by the sponsoring organizations. Sessions can also be offered by
the supporting organizations, who can nominate session conveners and,
when possible, fund invited session speakers. Suggestions for plenary
speakers, session topics and conveners may be made up until November
1st, 2007.

The number of participants will be limited to 500.


The following are suggestions for topics:
	- The exploration of marine biodiversity: scientific and
		 technological challenges
	- Marine biodiversity and ecosystem functioning
	- Conserving Marine Biodiversity
	- Societal and Economic Benefits of Marine Biodiversity
	- Polar Marine Biodiversity and the International Polar Year
	- Response of Marine Biodiversity to Global Change
	- Modelling of Marine Biodiversity
	- Assessing ecosystem function: The holistic paradigm
	- Historical baselines and future frontlines of biodiversity

The supporting organizations are requested to suggest additional topics

Publicity and Outreach

	- press releases on the conference and the sessions
	- round table discussions open to the public and involving
	- an event on Oceans and Culture: Art, Cuisine, History, Music,
		 Psychology and Well-being
	- Podcasted plenary talks (or even whole conference)
	- Evening events for the public (films, presentations, ….)
	- An extensive exposition on Marine Biodiversity to be held at
		 the Museum of Science in Valencia including:
	- Ocean habitats
	- The history of human exploration
	- The technologies used for marine exploration

Time Schedule

- July-August 2007: First electronic announcement through supporting
organizations, newsletters etc.
- July-August 2007: Call for Sessions (closure 1st November)
- June 2007: International Steering Committee and National Organizing
Committee appointed
- October 2007: Second electronic and hard copy announcement with call
for contributions by February 2008
- November 2007: Invitation to plenary and session speakers
- February 2008: Deadline for Abstracts
- March 2008: Preliminary Programme


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