[Annelida] Hobsonia florida

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Tue Sep 18 00:49:23 EST 2007

Dear Dr. Fishel
Ampharetidae is one of the few polychaetous family can breed in fresh water. I've seen ampharetids in samples collected in Moscow river. It’s quite far (1000+miles) from the coast. How numerousa are H. florida in your samples? I am not sure that all taxonomical problem of this species have been solved, so if you would like I can have a look. When described it have been named Hypania florida, lately based on doubtful conclusion it was separeted in own genus.I have not seen material, but judging to the situation with ponto-caspian ampharetids I am not sure that it is correct, and that there is the only species. Nevertheless Hobsonia florida cannot belong to Hypania, as Hypania is fresh-brckiswater genus (included Alkmarija, Hypaniola, Parhypania) limited in it distribution Ponto-Caspian region PLUS regions connected with it in nearest past (Mediterranean, the Baltic Sea and adjancent fresh or brackishwater regions.
Igor Jirkov

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