Alert to PDF about [Annelida] Xerobdella lecomtei leech in climate trouble?

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Dear all, it is a pity to see that, as in many similar cases, this is  
a commercial site and no free access allowed, so no download  
possible. Papers have been produced by the help of universities,  
institutions and government money, so scientific information, to me,  
must be free for the use of scientists and particularly us university  
teachers, who need such side information (possibly) for their courses  
or lectures. Since my university has virtually no more journals  
subscribed I am completely dependant on free access to information. I  
cannot buy articles up to 40 Dollars, and I am not willing to do  
either. To me such alerts are not very helpful, unless they alter  
free articles.

Thanks, DIETER

Prof. Dr. Dieter Waloszek
Professor of Biology, University of Ulm, Working Group Biosystematic  
Helmholtzstrasse 20, D-89081 Ulm, Germany
phone x49-(0)731-5031000, Fax x49-731-5031009
dieter.waloszek from

Center of Orsten Research & Exploration C.O.R.E.:  http://www.CORE-
MOLMORPH Marie Curie Early Stage Training Network in Evolutionary &  
Developmental Biology, Copenhagen-Barcelona-Berlin-Ulm-Vienna: http://

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