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Nechama Ben-Eliahu via annelida%40net.bio.net (by nbenelia from yahoo.com)
Tue Sep 25 16:08:28 EST 2007

Dear Polychaete Researchers
  Does anyone know where Fauvel-identified Salmacina incrustans and Salmacina dysteri
  specimens might be? The material cannot be located in Paris or Angers; maybe  Fauvel donated some to other collections, or maybe it was accidentally shelved somewhere.
  Please, if you have seen batches of specimens, from the Gulf of Suez, or from Alexandria, Mediterranean or even from other Mediterranean locations determined by P. Fauvel, it is very important to us to have a look at them. Any assistance you can give us on this problematic matter will be very much appreciated. If you are able to produce this "miracle", please contact H.A. ten Hove at  <H.A.tenHove from uva.nl>,  or Nechama Ben-Eliahu at nbenelia from yahoo.com
  Thank you in anticipation of your kind attention.
  Sincerely yours,
  Nechama Ben-Eliahu,Ph.D., Curator emeritus
  Section of Aquatic Invertebrates 
  The Biological Collections of the Hebrew University
  The Department of Evolution,Systematics and Ecology
  91904 Jerusalem, Israel

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