Alert to PDF about [Annelida] Xerobdella lecomtei leech in climate trouble?

Geoff Read via (by from
Wed Sep 26 16:07:38 EST 2007

Dieter Waloszek wrote:
>  Since my
> university has virtually no more journals subscribed I am completely 
> dependant on free access to information. I cannot buy articles up to 40 
> Dollars, and I am not willing to do either. To me such alerts are not 
> very helpful, unless they alter free articles.

Dear Dieter,

Thanks for your comment. Free access to the article is easily obtained I 
suspect, if regretfully not instantaneously in your case.

The posting you refer to was actually a news item. It was supplemented 
with a DOI and direct web link for the publication pdf for those further 
interested. (Browser addresses with a DOI are made by adding before the DOI). Both links should lead everybody to 
a informative web page at the publisher site even if we do not have 
subscription access. One can for instance usually automate downloading 
the citation plus abstract into EndNote.

The author's email is kut from (from journal page)
I expect you will receive a free pdf if you contact him.


   Geoff Read < from>

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