[Annelida] Inomata, 1927.

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Dear worm people,

                            I am still working with Drs. Glasby, Timm
and Gil on a paper about non-marine polychaetes. Our library cannot
trace one paper, possibly because the title of the Japanese journal has
been incorrectly translated into English.


Inomata, S. 1927. Habits and a method of control of Ceratocephale
osawai; an annelid which injures the rice plant by cutting its roots.
Annual Report Agriculture, Japan 307: ?. 


If anyone out there has a copy of this paper, I would be most grateful
if you could send me a photocopy (or e-mail attachment) of the paper AND
the title-page of the journal (so we can quote it correctly).


Sincere thanks,

                        Alex Muir


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