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[Annelida] Tubificoid Naididae

Christer Erséus via annelida%40net.bio.net (by christer.erseus from zool.gu.se)
Mon Apr 21 07:14:13 EST 2008

Dear all,

A response to Kirk Fitzhugh's recent comment (repeated below):

The studies by Sjölin et al (2005) and Envall et al. (2006) both analyzed a
combination of mitochondrial and nuclear genetic information, and they gave
strong support for “Naididae” being phylogenetically nested within
“Tubificidae”. The morphological data available were not included and have
so far not been analyzed in combination with the gene data. However, as
previous morphological studies (by necessity based on a very limited number
of characters) also have suggested this position of “Naididae”, we feel
confident enough about our conclusion that the complex Tubificidae/Naididae
needs a new definition/classification.

Of course, if Kirk or anyone else thinks that our conclusion is wrong, one
is free to continue regarding the two “families” as two taxa of the same
rank. The essence of our recent communication (“ICZN rules
”) is merely that
“all former tubificids should now be regarded as members of the Naididae
WHENEVER these two names are regarded as synonyms.


------Kirk's message------

In looking at the references in this paper, it appears that placement of the
Naididae in the Tubificidae is determined on the basis of analyses using
separate data sets. I was curious if anyone has combined all data and looked
at the results. This would be required to provide a new definition of the


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Zootaxa open access letter.

ICZN rules - a farewell to Tubificidae (Annelida, Clitellata)
Zootaxa 1744: 66-68 (9 Apr. 2008) 0 plates; 28 references


Summary. Morphological and molecular characters support that the former
clitellate family Naididae Ehrenberg, 1828 is nested within another
family, Tubificidae Vejdovský, 1876. To avoid paraphyly of the latter,
it has been suggested that the two should be regarded as a single taxon.
A recent decision by the International Commission of Zoological
Nomenclature [2007; opinion 2167 (Case 3305)] ruled against a proposed
reversal of the nomenclatural priority of Naididae over Tubificidae,
with the consequence that all former tubificids should now be regarded
as members of the Naididae whenever these two names are regarded as
synonyms. The paper is a plea to clitellate researchers to conform to
this ruling. 

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