[Annelida] Eunice norvegica in an odd place

Maria Cristina Gambi via annelida%40net.bio.net (by gambimc from szn.it)
Thu Dec 11 07:34:22 EST 2008

Hi Jeff, in my opinion you are right...., and not only because of the "odd 
place" of this record....
I could only suggest to write to the Editor of the Journal....stressing the 
poor science of this contribution... in such case, I would consider the 
Editor as responsible as the Authors...who revised this piece of work? 
surely NO a polychaete specialist of any kind...
All the best and cheers,
Maria Cristina

  At 21.53 10/12/2008, Geoff Read wrote:
>Hi Folks,
>Interesting. There was almost no feedback on that posting. What looks like
>an incomprehensible load of nonsense is published, and the reaction is -
>zilch, blah, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
>Should we leave awful work uncommented upon?  Just ignore it? I don't
>think so. Should I be more kind and non-judgmental?  Very likely, but it
>is disappointing to see something like this slip through to muddy the
>waters of the permanent record.
>Just my opinion.  Let me know yours.
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