[Annelida] Eunice norvegica in an odd place

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Geoff, The problem is that it is a use of the scientific name and once
in,  it is just about impossible to get wiped out.  I did not take the
time to look up the original message, so I do not know whether the cited
worm is even an annelid, but it does not matter:  Once in, very rarely
out. For that reason, I believe to make a bit of song and dance about it
is worthwhile, because the messages also in some sense gets to be part
of the message and may be cited as awful warnings.


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Hi Folks,

Interesting. There was almost no feedback on that posting. What looks
an incomprehensible load of nonsense is published, and the reaction is -
zilch, blah, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Should we leave awful work uncommented upon?  Just ignore it? I don't
think so. Should I be more kind and non-judgmental?  Very likely, but it
is disappointing to see something like this slip through to muddy the
waters of the permanent record.

Just my opinion.  Let me know yours.


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