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Lost in cyberspace.

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Dear Guley and worried colleagues,
A search in GoogleScholar indicates that one of the authors, or a homonym, of the now famous paper has made other publications on parasitic hirudineans in JMBA and was even involved in a book on toxicology. Thus, I would regard the publication as the result of a young colleague trying to get some lines for the CV, and being in a rush, he failed to check some critical details. Further, the referee and editors failed to detect some orthographic or grammar problems and the ms was published probably as it was 
originally sent.
The paper has several striking features, indeed, and that might make us think nothing in that paper is either reliable or worth reading. I disagree. The finding of any eunicid-like polychaete, including a mature female, in the gills of a fish is noteworthy. Once you take a look at the publications employed, it would be easy to understand why they got such species name, which is questionable beyond doubt. However, the finding is very interesting and it deserves a more detailed study.
This is why Luis and I tried to contact the authors, asking for some worms to better understand the issue and offering some help. We got a 'Yes' reply but no worms at all yet. Hope they can be sent to Guley, since there would be no problems about any international mail restrictions.
On the other hand, I fear that beyond our serious concern about the quality of some publications, and despite the fact that some of us even request to some editors details about the publication of certain papers, we rarely take some time off to help other colleagues to improve the quality of their mss, especially if they are as poorly written as my own contributions. 
You may recall that I like to say that Science is a collective activity. Let's find the means and chances to really help any of us who has problems with written English, no matter how slight or severe these problems are, or seem to be.
Hope 2009 is much better than 2008.
Un abrazo cordial,
    > From: guleykurt from mail.ege.edu.tr> To: gread from actrix.gen.nz; annelida from magpie.bio.indiana.edu> Subject: Re: [Annelida] Eunice norvegica in an odd place> Date: Fri, 26 Dec 2008 20:40:19 +0200> CC: > > Hi all,> > I am from Ege University, Turkey and studying on taxonomy and ecology of > Polychaeta distributed along the Turkish coast. My phd thesis is taxonomical > and ecological features of Eunicidae distributed along the Turkish coast of > Levantine Sea and my supervisor is Melih Ertan Çinar. Unfortunately, I 
read > your mails about Eunice norvegica from the gill of horse mackerel (!), and I > need to write something about it. Yes, I disappointed when I saw this paper. > I agree with all comments, it is really poor and bad work. We don't know > anything about "the paper" in question. How did they determine the parasite > as E. norvegica?? Also we don't know the authors and they didn't ask for > help for identification or confirmation. I wrote something to the editor of > the journal. If he will response to me, I will 
share with you. I'm very > sorry as a Turkish scientist studying on polychaetes and I hope it will not > be repeated.> > Best wishes from Turkey!> > Güley KURT SAHIN> > ********************************************> Güley KURT SAHIN> Ege University> Faculty of Fisheries> Department of Hydrobiology> Section of Marine Biology> 35100 Bornova Izmir, TURKEY> ********************************************> > ----- Original Message ----- > From: "Geoff Read" <gread from actrix.gen.nz>> To: "Annelida list" 
<annelida from magpie.bio.indiana.edu>> Sent: Monday, December 22, 2008 9:48 PM> Subject: Re: [Annelida] Eunice norvegica in an odd place> > > > Hi all,> >> > As a postscript I can report I followed Maria Cristina's advice and wrote> > to the editor of the "International Journal of Natural and Engineering> > Sciences", whose contributors nevertheless all appear to be Turkish,> > published by Nobel Publishing, self-described as "one of the largest> > publishers in Turkey", aspiring to "serve mankind by publishing 
knowledge"> >> > There was no response to my complaint and offer of help with reviewers. If> > this journal wishes to improve its standards to get out of the gutter> > press zone and become of good reputation, it isn't doing too well at the> > moment.> >> > Geoff> >> >>>> On 12/12/2008 at 1:34 a.m., Maria Cristina Gambi <gambimc from szn.it> > >>>> wrote:> >> Hi Jeff, in my opinion you are right...., and not only because of the > >> "odd> >> place" of this record....> >> I could only suggest to write to the Editor of 
the Journal....stressing > >> the> >> poor science of this contribution... in such case, I would consider the> >> Editor as responsible as the Authors...who revised this piece of work?> >> surely NO a polychaete specialist of any kind...> >> >> > --> > Geoffrey B. Read, Ph.D.> > Wellington, NEW ZEALAND> > gread from actrix.gen.nz> >> > _______________________________________________> > Annelida mailing list> > Post: Annelida from net.bio.net> > Help/archive: http://www.bio.net/biomail/listinfo/annelida> > Resources: 

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