WoRMS project Re: [Annelida] Clymenura polaris originaldescription and polychaetes in general

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Fri Feb 8 09:19:45 EST 2008

Sergio and colleagues,

I agree that revisions and papers are being published constantly and
perhaps many people are doing ecological research rather than taxonomic
studies.  Frankly, I have been involved in ecological studies for 30 years
and with some great guidance early on have become comfortable in my
abilities to identify polychaetes.  My main concern is not pictures but the
sharing of information and the ability to gather published polychaete works
(keys/monographs) to further at least my own knowledge.  These works are
generally protected by journal subscription and contacting individual
authors is time consuming and sometimes authors are unresponsive.  We, as
people interested in furthering polychaete knowledge and the consistency of
identifications need to build or store literature that is open to
polychaete researchers.  At this time in my life I am particularly
interested in putting together a key, both classic and photographic of the
polychaete fauna of Long Island Sound.  To do this, I am constantly trying
to gather polychaete identification literature.  To further complicate my
task, we see a spread of perhaps rare species from other areas settling in
the Sound and the acquisition of literature becomes even more complex.  I
have followed communications from this forum for a while now ( which by the
way is great) and finally feel compelled to speak up or at least share my

Best wishes,
Joe Vozarik

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