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Issue 595(1) of Hydrobiologia, January 2008, is devoted to the
Freshwater Animal Diversity Assessment (FADA) project.


The 62 papers include reviews of polychaetes, oligochaetes and leeches.

Balian, E.; Segers, H.; Lévêque, C.; Martens, K. (2008). An
introduction to the Freshwater Animal Diversity Assessment (FADA)
project. Hydrobiologia 595(1): 3-8.

"Taxonomic experts were invited to join a team of authors to write an
article on the diversity of each animal group. These coordinating
authors participated in a workshop during which they presented the data
on their taxonomic group, and together discussed standards of a common
approach (October 13–16, 2005). The resulting reviews are included in
the present special issue of Hydrobiologia. 
As mentioned before, the main goal of FADA is to provide an expert
assessment of animal species diversity in the continental (fresh) waters
of the world, focusing on taxonomic and biogeographic diversity. The
main three objectives for each group are: 

1. to give an as accurate as possible estimate of global species and
generic diversity; 

2. to report on geographic distribution (by zoogeographic region, as
described below), and to identify possible gaps; 

3. to highlight the main areas of endemicity. Because extant patterns
are the results of historical processes, the project also emphasises
phylogenetic aspects and processes of evolution and speciation. In
addition, information on human-related issues, such as economical and
medical uses, threats, conservation issues, is included when

Glasby, C.; Timm, T. (2008). Global diversity of polychaetes
(Polychaeta; Annelida) in freshwater. Hydrobiologia 595(1): 107-115.

Martin, P.; Martinez-Ansemil, E.; Pinder, A.; Timm, T.; Wetzel, M.
(2008). Global diversity of oligochaetous clitellates
(“Oligochaeta”; Clitellata) in freshwater. Hydrobiologia
595(1): 117-127.

Sket, B.; Trontelj, P. (2008). Global diversity of leeches (Hirudinea)
in freshwater. Hydrobiologia 595(1): 129-137.


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