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Fri Jul 11 05:46:45 EST 2008

Dear Geoff

Thanks for your interest in our slug story. The full reference is:

Rowson B, Symondson WOC (2008) Selenochlamys ysbryda sp. nov. from
Wales, UK: a Testacella-like slug new to Europe (Stylommatophora:
Trigonochlamydidae). Journal of Conchology [UK] 39 (5): 537-552.

If any oligochaete experts are interested, they can contact me for a reprint
or PDF. We would be delighted to know of any sightings of Selenochlamys or
Testacella verified by specimens or good photos, from the UK or elsewhere.
S. ysbryda is so far only verified from Cardiff and Caerphilly, both in
South Wales.

We looked into the Welsh name issue early on and it appears there are no
other taxon names derived from words in Welsh. Of course we excluded those
derived from the names of people or places, such as "lloydia","jeffreysi",
"griffithsjonesi","cambrensis", etc. We reasoned that these were not,
strictly speaking, Welsh words. The "gwyni", "gwynia", and "gwynana"
mentioned just as easily be derived from the common Welsh boys' name "Gwyn"
(as in the malacologist John Gwyn Jeffreys). If anyone knows otherwise we
would be pleased to hear from them.

Best wishes


Ben Rowson
Amgueddfa Cymru - National Museum Wales

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