[Annelida] 2nd ed Westheide, Interstitial families

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Mon Jul 28 15:38:17 EST 2008


I see there is a second edition of Wilfried's 1990 Field Studies Council guide available now, or imminent to be published, price GBP 29.

Westheide, Wilfried. 2008:  Polychaetes: Interstitial Families.  Synopsis of the British Fauna New Series 44 (2nd Ed): 1-120.

"This new edition of the Synopsis has been brought completely up to date, with many new references, an updated species list, and extensive additional information included about species featured in the First edition."

The little 'Synopses' guides have a unique style, and are generally of much wider value than the 'British' might indicate.

Try your favourite online bookdealer, or:



Not visible at Amazon or Backhuys currently.


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