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> Hi all,
> May I know about Typhloscolecidae? I got a specimen,*Travisiopsis*
sp. from
> 100m depth,Indian shelf.
> Expecting your valuable responses.
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> regards
> Smitha

The below citation might be relevant. 

Øresland, V. ; Bray, R. 2005:  Parasites and headless chaetognaths in
the Indian Ocean.  Marine Biology 147(3): 725 - 734.

abstract in part: "Typhloscolecid polychaetes, assigned to the genera
Typhloscolex (Typhloscolex muelleri) and Travisiopsis (Travisiopsis
dubia), feeding on chaetognaths are reported for the first time from the
Indian Ocean. These parasitic/predatory polychaetes cause decapitation
in the chaetognath Flacisagitta enflata, either by eating the head or by
causing injuries to the neck or body. Data from eastern Africa to
western India showed a peak of polychaete infestation and decapitation
of F. enflata in the Seychelles. A 5% peak occurrence (turnover rate is
unknown) of decapitated individuals indicates that this
parasitism/predation may have an important impact on local F. enflata
populations. [...]

There seem to be several more possible sources of information if one
simply googles "Travisiopsis indian ocean" 

Also useful:
Dales, R. P. ; Peter, G. 1972:  A synopsis of the pelagic polychaeta. 
Journal of Natural History. 6: 55-92.

And a species list for the genus:




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