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Hi all,

I continue the theme of discovering digital content. 

The Smithsonian digital depository now includes quite a number of Kristian Fauchald and Marian Pettibone papers, 


notably a searchable copy of Kristian's indispensable 'pink book' concise summary of all polychaete knowledge up to 1977. I guess we haven't heard about it previously because it (they?) seems to have only became available during Feb 2008.


If you encounter seagrasses in your work, then this is available:

Phillips, Ronald C, and Ernani G. Meriez. Seagrasses. Smithsonian Contributions to the
Marine Sciences, number 34, 104 pages, 4 tables, 57 figures, 39 maps, 1988.-This work
presents general and current information on seagrass ecology, physiology, biology, distribution and evolution. Additionally, all known taxa of seagrasses are keyed to recognized species. Forty-eight species are described and illustrated, with accompanying maps to indicate their world distribution.


Finally I also noticed that Zootaxa is now offering taxon-level annual subscriptions. Prices reflect the number of papers likely to be produced, with a subscription to Annelida at usd 52 / yr, 





 Geoff Read <g.read from niwa.co.nz>

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