[Annelida] Aquafarming? [of leeches]: misidentification

Geoff Read via annelida%40net.bio.net (by g.read from niwa.co.nz)
Wed May 7 16:43:25 EST 2008

>>> On 7/05/2008 at 4:12 p.m., "Francis King" <yckingf from gmail.com> wrote:
> [...] Other
> parts of the world is facing shortage of leeches and declare certain
> species to extinction but in Malaysia there are more and more people
> starting aquafarming of these leeches explored by a promoting company
> organising seminars (profiting millions in seminar fees) promoting
> leech farming for profits, unfortunately most of this farmers ended up
> having quarterly harvest with no demand for it. No doubt, the
> promoting company does buy back some for oil extraction at low prices
> but the quantity of leeches harvested from all farms in Malaysia is
> alarmingly too much that could change the natural ecology balance.

Thank you Francis.


I googled for Malaysian leech farms, finding the following stories worth a look if you're interested.




I also wondered (naive person that I am) what leech 'oil' might be used for, and googled that, with somewhat startling results. Suffice to say it may be used for claimed therapeutic benefits particularly applicable to men. Oh really? 

Back to the science.



 Geoff Read <g.read from niwa.co.nz>

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