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Dear Scott

Such "beard" below main fang occurs in several taxa. In terebelline terebellids, for instance, they are usually present, at least on thoracic chaetigers (see Nogueira & Amaral Proc. Biol. Soc. Wash. 114(1): 285-296; Nogueira, Hutchings & Amaral J. mar. Biol. Ass. UK 83:761-770; Nogueira Sci. Mar. 67(4): 403-411; Nogueira & Alves Zootaxa 1205: 31-54), but these uncini are avicular, not acicular. In regards to bearded acicular uncini, I saw them in Trichobranchus bunnabus (Trichobranchidae; unpublished) and I described a species of Branchiomaldane (Arenicolidae; Nogueira & Rizzo  J. mar. Biol. Ass. UK 81:415-421) with hairs placed laterally to main fang.

However, I believe such beard is also present in other families of interstitial polychaetes. I suggest you write to Katrine Worsaae (kworsaee from bi.ku.dk) and ask her about that.

I hope this helps you.

Best regards

João Nogueira

On Mon, 12 May 2008 14:05:56 -0400, Scott Jones wrote
> Hello-
>   I am working on a small, incomplete specimen with few characters to go with for the bare minimum of family-level identification.  
>   My question for the list is as follows:
>   Is there another polychaete family whose neuroseta is a rostrate uncinus with subrostral hairs below the main fang beside the Maldanids?  
> This is the one of very few discernable characters I can find on this worm. 
>  Thanks in advance for any help on this!!
> Scott Jones
> Benthic Ecology
> Smithsonian Marine Station, Fort Pierce

Prof. Dr João Miguel de Matos Nogueira 
Departamento de Zoologia 
Instituto de Biociencias - USP

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