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Juljan and others,  I saw that Joana Zanol already responded to this for me.  Let me expand a bit on the problem.  Early in taxonomy, i.e. about 1760-80, up to about 1825, scientists reported huge specimens of Eunice from a variety of more or less circumtropical locations (old Tehthys sea??)  and gave them a variety of names.  Pierre Fauvel and others, decided that this all represented one widespread species, so all of them were referred by a single name.  The first name safely applied to this set of species was Nereis aphroditois Pallas.  This species was later moved into Eunice.  The type species for the genus Eunice is E. gigantea, but this species name is junior synonym (according to Fauvel and others) of E. aphroditois.  So, that is the reason why the name, for years was considered to be E. aphroditois for all of this mess of huge worms.  Now, Joana Zanol and others, have demonstrated that at least some of the species lumped by Fauvel, are recognizable, separate species, and one of these is Eunice roussaei.  I would not be particularly surprised if it does not turn out that there are several distinct species, perhaps molecular systematics may be the best way of distinguishing them, but I would be surprised if it turns out that more than one species is present in any given area.  Thus, in the Adriatic, you probably have E. roussaei.


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on this link someone named Kristian Fauchald, (please don't be offended cause I've written someone, cause you're title isn't written) has written something about eunices. he has written that eunice gigantea is not a valid name and that it's classified as eunice aphroditois. so i did a small scientific research back in high school about eunice gigantea, i researched their number on certain surface on two kinds of littoral (sea bottom, i don't know how to say this, sorry). and i was wondering about the name aphroditois, i found it only once or twice and i was a bit confused but now I'm totally confused!?!?!? and i also couldn't find enough literature about the eunice gigantea, why doesn't anyone do researches about them? will you please tell me some more about the name aphroditois, and maybe suggest some literature???

thank you in advance, and many greetings from the sunny Croatian coast!!!


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