[Annelida] New paper on a symbiotic syllid

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Mon Nov 17 13:10:48 EST 2008

Dear colleagues,

I need a few papers about feeding guilds. If anyone could send me any of
those, I'd be very grateful. They are:

 - Maurer, D. & Leathern, W. 1981. Polychaete feeding guilds from Georges
Bank, USA. *Marine Biology*, 62 (2-3): 161-171.
- Dauer, D. 1981. The use of polychaete feeding guilds as biological
variables. *Marine Pollution Bulletin*, 15 (8): 301-305.
- Carrasco, F. D. & Carbajal, W. 1988. The distribution of polychaete
feeding guilds in organic enriched sediments of San Vicente Bay, Central
Chile. *International Review of Hydrobiology*, 83 (3): 233-249.

Best wishes,

Letícia Barbosa
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