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Dear polychetologist colleagues, specially from Russian

I am needing of some Detinova's papers that it is cited above, to complement
my work of maldanids. If you could sent me, I keep very thankful.
Best wishes

 Detinova, N.N., 1981. On the finding of *Maldanella robusta* (Polychaeta,
Maldanidae) in the far east seas of the USSR. Inst. Ocea. Acad. Sci. USSR,
Moscow. 61 (2), 775–778.
Detinova, N.N., 1982. Deep-water Maldanidae (Polychaeta) of the Pacific
Ocean. I. The genus *Maldanella*. Tran. Shir. Inst. Ocea. Acad. Sci. USSR 117,

Detinova, N.N., 1985. Taxonomy, composition and distribution of polychaetes
of subfamily Lumbriclymeninae (Maldanidae). Issl. Fau. Mor. 1985: 25–29.

Detinova, N.N., 1985. On the taxonomic significance of the structure of
parapodia in some maldanid polychaetes. Inst. Ocea. Acad. Sci. USSR 64 (10),

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Centro de Ciências Exatas e da Natureza
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João Pessoa, Paraíba, Brasil.CEP: 58059-900.
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