[Annelida] naming species reference

Geoff Read via annelida%40net.bio.net (by g.read from niwa.co.nz)
Mon Nov 24 20:19:39 EST 2008

The rules of the zoological code:  http://www.iczn.org/iczn/index.jsp 

A recent practical guide: 
Winston, J.E. (1999). Describing species : practical taxonomic
procedures for biologists. Columbia University Press, New York. 518 p.

>>> On 25/11/2008 at 1:35 p.m., "Salvador Herrando-Perez"
<salvador.herrando-perez from adelaide.edu.au> wrote:
> Dear colleagues,

> Could anyone point me towards a concise literature reference
describing the
> “official” nomenclature procedure for naming species, in
particular with
> regard to how this is reported in papers where a new taxa is being
> described.

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