[Annelida] Swarming 'worm'

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Hi all,

that sounds interesting and it does indeed look like an enteropneust.

There is a reference to a swarming enteropneust, Glandiceps hacksi 
(Marion, 1885) at 

taken from Brusca & Brusca (1990).

There is another hint to Indo-Pacific species of the genus Glandiceps 
that leave the bottom and swim actively at the surface by Dawydoff 
(1966: 448/9) in the Traité de Zoologie Tome XI. He refers to Ikeda but 
there is unfortunately no reference given. Could it be this one:
seems to be in Japanese, available online but not for free.



Geoff Read schrieb:

>Hi all,
>I attach a photo of an organism or part of an organism collected "scooped off the surface of the water in Malaysia during a full moon period where many thousands of these things were writhing on top of the water"
>Does anyone know what it might be? It's vaguely like an enteropneust but I've never heard of those swarming.
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