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You could try to order it from Pensoft.

Polychaeta of the Arctic Ocean 
Zhirkov, IA
2001. Moscow, 305x220, b/w figs, maps, index, In Russian, title and a
summary in English.
Spb, 632pp. Price EURO 44.
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A richly illustrated guide to the polychaete worms of the Arctic Ocean and
adjacent parts.

Best luck!

Davorka Jarić-Perkušić
J.J. Strossmayer University
Department of Biology
Trg Lj. Gaja 6
HR-31000 Osijek

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You could try obtaining Igor Jirkov's Arctic Polychaeta book, and also check
the papers of Elise Wesenberg-Lund on Greenland for sabellids coverage (I
don't have them to hand).

Personal Author:  	  Jirkov, I. A.
Title: 	Polychaeta of the Arctic Ocean / I.A. Jirkov.
Publication info: 	Moscow, Russia : Janus-K, 2001.
Physical descrip: 	632 p. : ill. ; 30 cm.
Transliterated title: Polikhety severnogo Ledovitogo Okeana.

This book does have a  nice sabellid key with good illustrations, but note
it is all in Russian, and may be difficult to obtain quickly.


>>> On 5/09/2008 at 6:53 a.m., "Ole Gorm Norden Andersen" <luscus from mail.dk>
> Can someone assist me with a key - preferably illustrated - to North
> Atlantic and Arctic Sabellidae? I am working on interesting material from
> West Greenland.

> Kind regards,

> Ole Gorm Norden Andersen

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