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>>> On 23/04/2009 at 5:51 a.m., "Joao Gil" <gil from ceab.csic.es> wrote:
> I would like to encourage all of you to use Biodiversity Heritage Library
> (BHL) and if you like it, to give it your support. It is really easy to use,
> you can make searches by authors, titles, taxa names or subjects, you can
> download the whole publications, or just part of them to a limit of 50
> pages, it is connected with Internet Archive (so you will not be losing the

Well, it is marvellous I agree. And what a difference to the way we work pdf's have made! Throw away those paper reprints (well not quite a good idea yet).

A couple of comments just on practical usage matters of BHL. My experience is that if one uses the current facility to download just a selected group of pages the resulting pdf created lacks the OCR recognised text of the complete file, and cannot be subsequently OCR'd in Adobe Acrobat professional (at least in the v8 version of it I have - maybe later version handle it ok) - one gets an error message that the text is already recognised. (There is an option to include OCR in the download but this just gives a separate copy of the text, not integrated with the original image). 

Depends what you want, but mostly people will prefer OCR recognised text matched to the image. So I find it better to download the complete file, then extract the pages I want on my own pc.  But Adobe Acrobat can get confused by the sets of plates and the preambles both of which don't have page numbers recognised in the files. A bit of trial and error is needed to get the right pages.

I think McIntosh 1885 Challenger expedition is not yet online at BHL (there is another site which serves it up page by page only), and only two of the McIntosh Ray Society 'British annelids' are online (at www.archive.org). Will be good to get all those eventually.



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