[Annelida] Notes on Grube Annelid paper of 1877, S. M. S. "Gazelle"

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Hi all,

Some notes that might help if you have cause to look at (or for)
Grube's "Gazelle"  polychaete descriptions. In this he describes the
significant Kerguelen taxa Laetmonice producta, & Aglaophamus
trissophyllus (as Nephthys), amongst others. The Gazelle expedition
observed the transit of Venus in 1874 at Iles Kerguelen. There are worms
from a scattering of other places though.

In Hartman's 1951 "Literature" blue book, p.104-05, she had two
references for Grube (1877) "Gazelle" polychaetes, namely ref no's 56 &
57. I think 57 is just an incorrect variant of 56.

In the old Ward & Fauchald online bibliography at there are also 2 variants, not
too far from the correct, at record no's 10696 & 6343. I think these
should be combined / treated as the same.

In WoRMs I think these two citation and species list entries should be


Grube's paper is digitised online, but is extremely difficult to find.
Format variants at:


Downloadable versions at:

Online start is:

The citation should probably be something like:

Grube A-E 1877. Anneliden-Ausbeut S.M.S. Gazelle. Die von der Gazelle
(Capitain von Schleinitz) mitgebrachten Anneliden, zu denen noch zwei
von Dr. Buchholz gesammelte kommen. Monatsberichte der Königlich
preussischen Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Berlin : 509-554.

Alternatively omit the first sentence. I have no opinion on a
publication date of 1878 versus 1877 - paper was presented in August



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