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Dear Bryony and Geoff,

I happen to have hard copies of David's publications, and if I can find
them I'll be happy to send them to you on loan if there is nobody in the
UK to help you. It's a pity that these very extensive papers on
sabellariids are so hard to get- I had no idea how lucky I actually am
to have them.

Worm wishes to all

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Hi Bryony & all,

Well that is a surprise. Even the UK Natural History Museum Library
doesn't have Kirtley's book in the online catalogue, and I couldn't see
any second hand copies today online. In worldcat the nearest holding
library to you appears to be in the Netherlands
It was privately published by the author and David Kirtley is no longer
with us as you probably know. It will be still in copyright obviously &
is before the pdf era arrived. However, a number of polychaete workers
will have personal copies. Maybe someone in the UK could loan their hard
copy to you?

Not much advice beyond those suggestions. Sorry.


>>> On 9/08/2009 at 11:32 p.m., Bryony Pearce <bryony from>
> Dear All,
> The other is a book which no one seems to have in stock, including the

> British Library;
> Kirtley, 1994. A review and taxonomic revision of the family 
> Sabellariidae johnston 1865 (Annelida: Polychaeta) Sabecon Press
> Series Vol 1. Florida 223pp.
> If anyone has electronic copies of these or has any idea where I might

> locate them it would be much appreciated!! 

 Geoff Read < from>

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