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Nice discoveries indeed. It's unfortunate that the scientific merits of the phylogenetic hypotheses are dubious at best. But then, it *is* published in Science. ;-)


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Osborn KJ, Haddock SHD, Pleijel F, Madin LP, Rouse GW 2009. Deep-Sea, Swimming Worms with Luminescent "Bombs". Science 325: 964 (and online 'supplement').


Swima bombiviridis named (new genus, new species of acrocirrid)

Abstract: "By using remotely operated vehicles, we found seven previously unknown species of swimming annelid worms below 1800 meters. Specimens were large and bore a variety of elaborate head appendages. In addition, five species have pairs of ellipsoidal organs homologous to branchiae that produce brilliant green bioluminescence when autotomized. Five genes were used to determine the evolutionary relationships of these worms within Cirratuliformia. These species form a clade within Acrocirridae and were not closely related to either of the two known pelagic cirratuliforms. Thus, this clade represents a third invasion of the pelagic realm from Cirratuliformia. This finding emphasizes the wealth of discoveries to be made in pelagic and deep demersal habitats."

Nice discovery. I want to know what they feed on, and how. 



 Geoff Read <g.read from niwa.co.nz>

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