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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

As Geoff has noted, publication of the Ninth International Polychaete
Conference, held in Portland, Maine, USA in August 2007 is at hand. The
publication date is this Monday, 31 August 2009. On that day, the web site
will be opened and hardcopies of the book will be sent to Conference
participants and other subscribers. We are anticipating that all papers will
eventually be Open Access, but this may not be complete on Monday; financing
is still being arranged.

The volume includes a preface, four invited obituaries, and 35 peer-reviewed
manuscripts. There are numerous new species, important morphological topics,
ecological survey results, and other biological topics. There are some
“gems” included which will most certainly stimulate some discussion at this

Nancy and I would like to thank Dr. Zhi-Qiang Zhang, Editor-in-Chief of
Zootaxa, for his enthusiasm and tireless support during the preparation of
this volume. After the Madrid Conference when it became apparent that the
next Conference would be Portland, Maine, I approached Dr. Zhang about the
possibility of publishing an interdisciplinary zoological topic in Zootaxa.
His response was to establish a separate journal, Zoosymposia, for that very
purpose. The first topic on molluscs was published last year; our polychaete
book will be the second.

The reference for this volume will be:

Maciolek, N.J. and J.A. Blake (Editors). 2009. Proceedings of the Ninth
International Polychaete Conference, August 2007, Portland, Maine, USA.
Zoosymposia 2:1–600. Magnolia Press, Auckland, New Zealand.


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