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Dear all,

Some 25 years ago I was sent a set of 
photonegatives (black and white) of the paper, of 
which as far as I know the correct citation is 
given below, by the library Leningrad, now St. 
Petersburg. If anyone has the possibility to make 
a high resolution scan of those negatives, 2 
pages to the negative, and distribute that, I am 
happy to forward those negatives. I only have a 
not too good print of the for me relevant 
serpulids, as well as a Dutch translation of 
those pages).

Zachs, I.G., 1933.- [Polychaeten vom 
Nordjapanischen Meer. (Bucht "Peter der 
Grosse").] Issled. Morei SSSR 19: 125-137. 
[Exploration des mers de l'URSS [in Russian, 
German summary: 136-137].

By the way, I would be very surprised if a 
species from cold-temperate origin (Nort Japanese 
Seas) would occur in Brasil as well.


>If anyone does have a scan of the Ivan G. Zaks (or Zachs) 1933 work, or
>has it handy  could they send a copy my way also please?
>There are over 20 new species in it, including some Polydora, and the
>maldanid species José Eriberto wants, then described in Asychis. The
>title and the journal name are variously seen in transliteration.
>Zoological Record 1935 hardcopy simply has journal as: "Explorations
>des Mers URSS Leningrad" which is probably not going to help much. And
>they use 'Zaks'
>>>>  On 2/12/2009 at 12:26 a.m., José Eriberto
>Assis<eri.assis from> wrote:
>>  Hi all
>>  I would like to known if somebody has this reference in PDF or Copy
>and can
>>  send me: [...]
>>  Zars, I. 1933. K. faune kol´chatykh chevi Severo-Yaponskogo moarya.
>>  annelidan fauna of the northern parte of the Sea of Japan].
>>  Gidrologicheskii instit.  Issledovaniya Morei SSSR. no. 19, 125-137
>>  Russianm with German summary].
>>  I am indentify some species of the Maldanidae and I found the species
>>  *Chirimia
>>  punctata *(Zars, 1933) for the Brazil, and I need confirm if this
>species is
>>  the sheme species of the Japan coast (Seas of Japan and Okhotsk).
>>  Best wishes
>  > Thank you very much

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