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Dear all,


I’m sorry for the delay in posting this, but I wasn’t sure of having the
“right” Zachs at home. The photocopies were a courtesy of Dr. Buzhinskaya
through my colleague Javier Sanchez, who travelled to the Museum of St.
Petersburg some years ago. I would like to thank to both for the trouble of
searching for the paper and photocoping it. There is an handwriting note in
the first page stating 1934 as the publication year, but I’m not sure if
this is correct. Maybe 1934 was the publication year of the 1933’s
proceedings of something like that... I have always found this paper dated
as 1933 but maybe it would be worth to check this, for questions of
priority, as there is quite a few new taxa described in the paper, as
already noted by Geoff Read. 


I have scanned the paper and uploaded it in my Mediafire account, but I’m
afraid that some pages are a little inclined... If someone knowns if it is
covered by copyrights, please email me. You can find the paper at the
following links: 


Zachs <http://www.mediafire.com/file/btk4wiyfgzx/Zachs1933.pdf> , I. 1933.
K. faune kol´chatykh chevi Severo-Yaponskogo moarya. Polychaeten vom
Nordjapanischen Meer. (Bucht “Peter der Grosse”). Issledovaniya Morei SSSR,
19, 125-137. [In Russian with German summary].






I’m not sure for how long Mediafire will maintain this link active, but if
you find it to be dead, please send me an email and I will upload it again,
and try to maintain the link active for the next months. The same is true
for the links I have posted anteriorly. By the way, I was quite surprised
for the numerous downloads of the pdfs of Augener (1913) and Chamberlin
(1920). I would like to thank to everybody that has written to me with
positive input. Part of the merits are due to Ascenção Ravara. I will check
if I have something else already scanned and still not available elsewhere
to upload in the future and share it with you. 


All the best,




João Gil


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