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Dear all,


As far as I remember there have been at least 3 postings at Annelida asking
for this book in the last years. Almost 7 years ago I was able to buy a
brand new copy of Kirtley (1994), after finding a comment at the IAMSLIC
mailing list using Google, stating that the Florida Oceanographic Society
(www.floridaoceanographic.org <http://www.floridaoceanographic.org/> ) still
had numerous copies available for sale. I have finally located this
information again in my old computer, which is still occupying half of my
desk. The contact person was Mark Perry
(markperry from floridaoceanographic.org), who then redirected me to Pam Sweeney
(pamsweeney from floridaoceanographic.org) who was the person in charge of the
sales, and I believe the person that you should contact in order to buy the
publication. The book costed $20 US Dollars plus postage. I don’t know if
there are still copies available, or if the contacts are still the correct
ones, but maybe it is worth a try. 


By the way, there is a short “Sabellariidae Revision Corrigenda” written by
Dr. Kirtley, after the publication of the book. It was published in
“Chaetozone Nine” Polychaete Newsletter, in 1995, by Geoff Read.  


I hope this helps.


Best wishes,




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