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In addition to David Kirtley's book on Sabellariidae, and the corrigenda
mentioned by Joao, he also edited and translated to English the 156-page
paper by:

Bruno Caline, Yves Gruet, Claudine Legendre, Jeannine Le Phun, Alain
L'Homer, Robert Mathieu & Regina Zbinden. 1992. "The Sabellariid Reefs in
the Bay of Mont Saint-Michel, France. Ecology, Geomorphology, Sedimentology
and Geologic Implications". ISSN Number: 1063-3061.

The volume is published by Florida Oceanographic Society Contributions to
Marine Science [FOSCMS], Vol. 1, No. 1, with 10 plates with black-and-white
photos, 1 fold-out color plate and numerous black-and-white plates in the
text. After the list of lliterature cited, there are two pages with a list
of all the figures in the text, grouped by chapter and with the page number
for each.

The address of the Florida Oceanographic Society is given on page ii:
890 N. E. Ocean Boulevard
Stuart, Florida 34996

Since Joao has provided an email address for the FOSCMS [Pam Sweeney (
pamsweeney from floridaoceanographic.org)], it should be easy to find out if
copies are still available and how much they cost. I suspect that if they
still have a large number, they will be relatively inexpensive.


Mary E. Petersen
polychaete1 from gmail.com

On Sat, Dec 5, 2009 at 1:01 PM, Joao Gil <gil from ceab.csic.es> wrote:

>  Dear all,
> As far as I remember there have been at least 3 postings at Annelida asking
> for this book in the last years. Almost 7 years ago I was able to buy a
> brand new copy of Kirtley (1994), after finding a comment at the IAMSLIC
> mailing list using Google, stating that the Florida Oceanographic Society (
> www.floridaoceanographic.org) still had numerous copies available for
> sale. I have finally located this information again in my old computer,
> which is still occupying half of my desk. The contact person was Mark Perry
> (markperry from floridaoceanographic.org), who then redirected me to Pam
> Sweeney (pamsweeney from floridaoceanographic.org) who was the person in charge
> of the sales, and I believe the person that you should contact in order to
> buy the publication. The book costed $20 US Dollars plus postage. I don’t
> know if there are still copies available, or if the contacts are still the
> correct ones, but maybe it is worth a try.
> By the way, there is a short “Sabellariidae Revision Corrigenda” written by
> Dr. Kirtley, after the publication of the book. It was published in
> “Chaetozone Nine” Polychaete Newsletter, in 1995, by Geoff Read.
> I hope this helps.
> Best wishes,
>  João
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