[Annelida] sewage-induce polychaete reef

Rodolfo Elias via annelida%40net.bio.net (by roelias from mdp.edu.ar)
Wed Dec 9 15:15:28 EST 2009

Dear all
I want to know if some of you have some references about polychaetes
that build "reefs" in sewage-impacted areas. 
>From spring 2008 the area around Mar del Plata's sewage discharges (SW
Atlantic) almost all intertidal areas are covered by sand-tubes of
Boccardia sp. (possibly a not described species), forming reef
structures. Density can reach 650,000 ind.m-2, and this reef can support
a person walking over. The reefs supports also all the autumn-winter
There are a student dealing with these (large number of) worms, and any
info will be welcome!

Hoping to see you in Lecce!
Rodolfo Elias 

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