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[Annelida] Control of oogenesis & vitellogenesis in annelids

Harry A. ten Hove via annelida%40net.bio.net (by H.A.tenHove from uva.nl)
Wed Feb 18 04:23:48 EST 2009

Below a tab separated outcome of the search for 
oogenesis/spermatogenesis in my serpulid 
documentation. I noticed that some of these 
references were missing in Salvador's more 
general approach. They maybe are not that 
specific as what you are asking for, but might 
shed some light on the general background.


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determination of reproduction in polychaetes. In: 
S.E. Stancyck (ed), - Reproductive ecology of 
marine invertebrates.	Univ. S.Calif. Press, 
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mechanisms: their possible role in life history 
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4 figs.
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militaris Claparède (1870) 
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Marseille III.	vi + 81 pp., 36 pls excl. 
[mimeogr. PhD thesis].
King, P.E., & J.H. Bailey & P.C. Babbage. 
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Mona, M.H., & S.H.H. Eissa & A.M. Abdel-Gawad & 
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>Hello Everyone
>A potential graduate student approached me with an interest
>in environmental estrogens which is a bit out of my
>expertise. I have a departmental colleague with substantial
>experience looking at vitellogenesis in fish, but I'm
>hoping to find an invertebrate model that might 
>be a good starting point for a master's theses 
>project. I'm writing to the list because I need 
>to get up to speed on endocrine control of 
>oogenesis and induction of vitellogenin 
>expression in annelids as quickly as I can. I 
>would appreciate any information the group can 
>provide or references that may be helpful.
>How is oogenesis & vitellogenesis controlled in annelids?
>Do annelids respond to exogenous estrogens?
>I've read that Lumbriculus varigatus accumulates 
>some forms of estrogen from spiked sediment. Has 
>anyone looked at physiological effects?
>Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.
>Tracy Whitford, Ph.D.
>Department of Biological Sciences
>East Stroudsburg University
>East Stroudsburg, PA 18301
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