[Annelida] some terebellids... a cry for help

Joao Miguel de Matos Nogueira via annelida%40net.bio.net (by nogueira from ib.usp.br)
Thu Jun 4 21:59:02 EST 2009

Dear annelideans
Hi, I am doing a review on Terebellide with Pat Hutchings and we are having 
some problems to get material of some poorly know genera.
We have studied material of most taxa of the group and most of the few ones 
missing will be analysed soon. 
However there are two genera for which we do not have any hope of getting 
material and so I am writing to ask if someone from the type localities of 
the type species (and only know species) of these genera could help us.
These genera are Spiroverma (described by Uchida; type locality in Japan; 
Eijiroh, please, could you help us? Lena, please, could you help us, now 
that you are there?) and Colimmatops (is there someone from eastern Africa 
who could help us?).
I know about the problems many museums in the world have with sending 
material to Brazil (and I must say that now it is safe to send material to 
Brazil, there is just a little bit of work to do), but I will be in Los 
Angeles from July to the end of September and so, if you could send some 
material to Leslie Harris, wewould be very grateful and, for sure, we will 
acknowledge that in the paper.
Thanks a lot for your help.
Best wishes for all
João Nogueira
Prof. Dr João Miguel de Matos Nogueira
Departamento de Zoologia
Instituto de Biociencias - USP

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