[Annelida] material of Pseudothelepus oligocirrus

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Some Schmarda types are in Naturhistorisches Museum, Vienna, Austria

See also Augener, who mentions the S. oligocirra type, though I do not
know in what context.

Augener, H. (1925) Über westindische und einige andere
Polychaeten-Typen von Grube (Oersted), Kroyer, Morch und Schmarda.
Publikationer fra Universitetets Zoologiske Museum Kobenhavn, 39, 1-47.



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Dear anelideans 

Because of my review of Terebellidae with Pat Hutchings, I am trying to
study the type material or material from the type locality (West Indies)
of Pseudothelepus oligocirrus (Schmarda, 1861, as Sabellides
Does anyone know where Schmarda's material was deposited (if it ever


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