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Hi João Carlos,

You may already know  the works of Adolf Seilacher.


His 'Trace Fossil Analysis' was well reviewed.

Reviewed in Science 14 November 2008:
Vol. 322. no. 5904, pp. 1051 - 1052

"No one has been quite so successful in bringing trace fossils to life
as Seilacher, and the long-anticipated Trace Fossil Analysis, which grew
out of courses he gave at Tübingen University, offers an excellent
introduction to his approach."

Lots of polychaetes just wedge themselves through sediment - not much
burrow structure to the result.

Dorgan, K. M.; Jumars, P. A.; Johnson, B. D. ; Boudreau, B. P. 2006: 
Macrofaunal burrowing: the medium is the message.  Oceanography and
Marine Biology - an Annual Review 44: 85-121.


>>>> On 11/05/2009 at 11:43 a.m., João Carlos Leal
<eujoao5 from yahoo.com.br>
> wrote:
> Hi, my name is João Carlos and i'm a geology student from the
> of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I'm doing a ichnological study and would
> to know more about the polychaeta's burrows. Dr. Alexandra E. Rizzo
> suggested me asking you about it. I would like to know about some
books or
> articles that reports the relationship between each polychaeta and
> respective kind of burrow, describing the burrow structure, why it's
> and its relationshiop with water depth, climate, substrate
> salinity and so on. She told me to ask you to pass my question to
> group. I'll be grateful if you can help me.
> Thankfully,
>            João Carlos
>            <eujoao5 from yahoo.com.br>

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