[Annelida] Collective nouns?

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'Wiggle' is nice idea, although I am not sure how journal editors will
feel about replacing the more traditional (but admittedly not specific)
'community' and 'assemblage' ;-)

A 'school' of typhloscolecids might work though!


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During a recent, mostly frivoulous, discussion a colleague asked me 
about marine collective nouns.  I suddenly realised that I didn't know 
of any accepted collective nouns for single species or multispecies 
aggregations of worms.  I've always used generalised (e.g. aggregation) 
or structure specific (e.g. mat) terms.  That night we decided on a 
'wiggle' of worms for a multispecies multitude.  I searched annelida 
archives and didn't find any reference to collective nouns.  Online I

bed, bunch, clat, clew (http://mindprod.com/jgloss/collectivenouns.html)
knot, bryce 

and other circular references to these.  I saw clew and knot reported 
most commonly, but as I've never heard a wormer use those terms in any 
but a nautical sense I'm doubtful.  Is there an accepted collective 
noun?  Should there be?  Does anyone use one? 


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