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Dear Annelid scientists!

My name is Jan Strugnell and I am currently working on a Census of  
Marine Life initiative investigating species that have been suggested  
to be present at both polar regions (and possibly cosmopolitan) in  
their distribution.   I include a list of polychaetes below which have  
been suggested to be present in the Arctic and Antarctic.

I am trying to track down tissue samples of these polychaetes from  
both poles (and also places in between where they exist) that have  
been fixed in ethanol or frozen and could be used for DNA barcoding  
(through the Guelph barcoding facility).

I was wondering if any of you had any of these samples, (stored in  
ethanol or frozen) that could be barcoded for this project?  Only a  
tiny piece of tissue would be required.

Yours sincerely,


Jan Strugnell
Lloyd's Tercentenary Fellow
Department of Zoology
University of Cambridge
Downing Street
Cambridge CB2 3EJ	 UK


Capitellida        	Maldane sarsi				Malmgren, 1865

Eunicida                Eunice pennata				(O.F. Müller, 1776)

Eunicida                Hyalinoecia tubicola			(O.F. Müller, 1776)

Eunicida                Lumbrineris tetraura			(Schmarda, 1861)

Flabelligerida       Brada villosa					(Rathke, 1843)

Opheliida		Ophelina cylindricaudata		(Hansen, 1878)

Orbiniida		Levinsenia gracilis			(Tauber, 1879)

Oweniida		Myriochele heeri				Malmgren, 1867

Phyllodocida		Ceratocephale loveni			Malmgren, 1867

Phyllodocida		Eucranta villosa				Malmgren, 1866

Phyllodocida		Glycera capitata				Örsted, 1843

Phyllodocida		Harmothoe impar				(Johnston, 1839)

Phyllodocida		Kefersteinia cirrata			(Keferstein, 1862)

Phyllodocida		Laetmonice filicornis			Kinberg, 1856

Phyllodocida		Pelagobia longicirrata		Gravier, 1911

Phyllodocida		Phalacrophorus pictus		Greeff, 1879

Phyllodocida		Syllis armillaris				(O.F. Müller, 1776)

Phyllodocida		Syllis cornuta				Rathke, 1843

Phyllodocida		Tomopteris septentrionalis 	Steenstrup, 1849

Phyllodocida		Typhloscolex muelleri			Busch, 1851

Spionida		Aphelochaeta marioni		(de Saint-Joseph, 1894)

Spionida		Laonice cirrata				(M. Sars, 1851)

Terebellida		Amphicteis gunneri			(Sars, 1835)

Terebellida		Amphitrite cirrata				O. F. Müller, 1771 in 1776

Terebellida		Artacama proboscidea		Malmgren, 1866

Terebellida		Lysilla loveni					Malmgren, 1866

Terebellida		Thelepus cincinnatus			(Fabricius, 1780)

Terebellida		Trichobranchus glacialis		Malmgren, 1866

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