[Annelida] Uschakov 1982 ; translation

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Wed Nov 11 15:37:34 EST 2009

>>> On 11/11/2009 at 11:58 p.m., "Dieter Fiege" <Dieter.Fiege from senckenberg.de>
> WOW! Thank you VERY much Jean-Marc for making this document so quickly 
> available as a pdf! It is impressive - both scientifically and in terms of 
> bites - and will be of great use to Ruth and me and certainly to many others.

Likewise I'm impressed, and many thanks to Jean-Marc.  The translation pdf isn't just the words - it includes the original illustrations integrated with the text, so it's the complete package. The text contains new taxa, including these new genera:

Hermadionella, Nonparahalosydna, Paralentia

I've produced an optimized version of 50 Mb, easier to download than 550 Mb original. I'll hopefully put it up on www.annelida.net  during my overnight tonight, and it will be open access (unless issues arise about that).  It is also OCR recognized. It will be on the page below.




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