[Annelida] Odontosyllis is not a fireworm

Sven Zörner via annelida%40net.bio.net (by s.a.z from gmx.de)
Fri Nov 27 13:15:22 EST 2009

Hi Geoff,

you are absolutely right that the term fireworm is confusing, since it is
used in a different way.
But actually  "Bermuda fireworm" is actually the common name of  *Odontosyllis
enopla*, which is also commonly used in non taxonomic papers.

So it might be helpful to always point out that this term is a common name
and not to be used in a way which leads to using it as english term for
taxonomic group.

kind regards


2009/10/30 Geoff Read <gread from actrix.gen.nz>

> Hi all,
> I was surprised to see a press release for a recent  paper by Scripps
> biologists repeatedly use the term 'fireworm' for an Odontosyllis syllid
> with bioluminescence, as though it was the accepted term for this group of
> worms. It sounds impressive. And in analogy with firefly (a beetle!)
> perhaps?
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