[Annelida] help with Polycirrus and Polydora/Dipolydora keys

Barbara Mikac via annelida%40net.bio.net (by barbara.mikac from cim.irb.hr)
Wed Sep 23 08:00:10 EST 2009

Dear colleagues,

Can some of you recommend me some good/available papers/keys for the
determination of the genus Polycirrus and Poldora/Dipolydora? I find it
very difficult for determination and didn't manage to do it with the
help of the scarce literature that I have. 
I need to determine species coming from the Adriatic Sea (Polycirrus
species in the Adriatic Sea are: P. aurantiacus, P. haematodes, P.
pallidus, P. tenuisetis; Polydora species in the Adriatic are: P.
ciliata and P. hoplura; Dipolydora are: D. armata, D. caeca, D. flava
and D. quadrilobata).
Most of my Polycirrus species have pinnate notochaetae.

Many thanks for your help,
and greetings from Rovinj


Barbara Mikac, M.Sc
Marine Research Centre
Rudjer Boskovic Institute
G. Paliaga 5
52210 Rovinj

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