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FYI. You may have already seen publicity for this somewhere. Mark
Costello reports on Marine-B on the blizzard of news items.
Regardless, these look to be excellent, high quality reviews and
Those with Antarctic interests note there is an Antarctica review.



>>> On 6/08/2010 at 1:58 a.m., Mark Costello - Leigh Marine
<m.costello from AUCKLAND.AC.NZ> wrote:

You may be interested to see the following open-access papers reviewing
marine biodiversity knowledge around many the regions of the world
involving 162 authors in total; including a paper synthesising their
results (I admit I am an author):

PLoS ONE collection on marine biodiversity at

The Census of Marine Life news release that accompanied the set of
papers has lovely images and videos at

And myself and a colleague did an online slide presentation about it at
the NZ Science and Media Centre web site

There has been remarkable media interest. The public (and maybe other
scientists) seemed unaware that so many species remain undiscovered in
the world’s oceans, and that some regions have 50% endemicity of
marine species (New Zealand, Antarctica). A sample of media which
mentioned the collection of papers is below.

Four international newswires (new total: 34 wires)

ANA - Greece
Europa Press - Spain
PAP - Poland
QMI - Canada

Five major dailies

Daily Telegraph (column) - UK
Daily Yomiuri - Japan
DongA Ilbo - Korea
La Repubblica - Italy
Victoria Times Colonist - Canada

19 online media sites

US News and World
Scientific American - USA
KYW Newsradio 1060 (re. Fred Grassle)- USA
BBC Mundo - Brazil
3 News NZ - New Zealand
Novinsky - Czech Rep.
Pravda Slovakia - Slovakia
Algerie-Focus - Algeria
Radio Taiwan International - Taiwan
Sciscape - China
Gandul - Romania
Rzeczpospolita - Poland
BioOnNews - China
Voice of America - Vietnamese - USA
Ukranews - Ukraine
Η Αυγή - Greece
Athens24 - Greek
Scientias - Netherlands
Our Amazing Planet - USA
Asia Today - Korea
Dünya Bülteni - Turkey
Yeni Asır - Turkey

3 international newswires
Reuters - UK
ANSA  - Italy
Adnkronos news service - Lebanon
Associated Press story in Spanish

8 major national newspapers / magazines
Guardian - (4th story, Leo Hickman) - UK
Hindustan Times - India
The Age - Australia
Courier-Mail Australia
The Australian - Australia
LA STAMPA (2 stories) - Italy
Correio Braziliense - Brazil
Le Devoir - Canada

(Of note: The story made page A1 of at least nine daily newspapers

Philadelphia Inquirer, USA
The Guardian, London, UK
Der Tagesspeigel, Berlin Germany
Globe and Mail - Toronto, Canada
Le Devoir, Montreal, Canada
Telegraph, Calcutta, India
El Mercurio, Santiago, Chile
La Voix du Luxembourg - Luxembourg
Estado De Minas - Brazil

11 online media
UN Wire - USA
Radio-Canada - Canada
Deutsche Welle (Portuguese) - Germany
Developpement Durable - France
Maxisciences - France
20 Minutes - France
Presseurop (French, Italian)
Tascali - Italy
Aysor - Armenia
Ushuaia - France
Heise - Germany
Ente Nazionale Protezione Animali - Italy

The story is known to have been published in the print editions of at
least three dozen international daily newspapers, was broadcast by more
than a dozen radio and TV networks, including CNN International, ABC
News Australia, and BBC Radio 5 Live, and has been captured in 15
languages from about 540 media sites across 42 countries.

6 international newswires

FBN / STT - Finland
PresseText (2 stories) - Austria Germany Switzerland
InterRight News Agency - Russian
Kyodo News, English - Japan
Asian News International - India
PTE - Germany

Agence France Presse story in Chinese.

17 major national newspapers / magazines

Nature - UK
Philadelphia Inquirer - (pg A1) USA
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (pg. A1) Germany
Le Devoir (pg. A1; awaiting full text) - Canada
Die Zeit - Germany
Der SPIEGEL - Germany
der Tagesspiegel - Germany
Berliner Morgenpost - Germany
Le Monde - France
Corriere della Sera - Italy
Berner Zeitung - Switzerland
Australian Geographic - Australia
Haaretz - Israel
Publico - Spain
El Periodico - Spain
El Columbiano - Columbia
Metropol - Hungary

12 online media

Voice of America - USA
National Geographic Japanese - Japan
Radio New Zealand - NZ
ABC Radio News - Australia
CBC National Radio - As It Happens - Canada
Asylum - UK
ABC - Spain
Vietnam+ - Vietnam
ORF - Austria
Short News - Germany

CNN International this afternoon.
CBC TV's The National last night can be viewed online at

Globe and Mail (in print, full page, pg. A9) - Canada
Vancouver Sun (pg. A1) - Canada
And the Census was the subject of the signature pun at the end of the
intro at the top of As It Happens, CBC National Radio's long-running
evening newsmagazine, heard also in the US on American Public Radio:
"And...re-inventing the eel. The worldwide marine-life census reveals
there are, indeed, plenty of fish in the sea -- and we've still got an
encouraging case of crabs.
"As It Happens, the Monday edition. Radio that keeps its friends close
-- and its anemones closer."

17 international newswires

Associated Press - USA (English and Portuguese)
Agence France Presse - France - 4 stories in English (one main story
and three large sidebars catering to the specific interests of the USA
(Gulf), Europe (Mediterranean) and Australia.  All but the Australian
story were also distributed in (at least) Spanish and Portuguese
EFE - Spain
Press Association - UK
PostMedia (formerly CanWest) - Canada
Canadian Press (English and French) - Canada
Australian Associated Press - Australia
NZ Press Association -  New Zealand
Deutsche Presse Agentur - Germany
APN - Germany
SDA - Schweizerische Depeschenagentur - Switzerland
ATS - Switzerland
Yonhap - Korea
Lusa - Portugal
MTI - Hungary
ANP - Netherlands
NTB - Norway

11 major national newspapers

Daily Mirror - UK
Daily Mail - UK
Scotsman - UK
Guardian (3 stories) - UK
New Scientist - UK
Frankfurther Allgemeine Zeitung - Germany
El Pais - Spain
Globe and Mail - Canada
Telegraph - Calcutta / New Delhi, India
O Globo - (2 stories) Brazil
Cosmos Magazine - Australia

11 online newsites

Time.com<http://Time.com/> - USA
ABC News - USA
Fox News - USA
National Geographic - USA
Science News - USA
BBC Online - UK
Wissenschaft - Germany
Deutsche Welle Online - Germany
TVI24 - Portugal
Mongabay - Madagascar

Also appended:
Google Sci-Tech News (#2 at this hour in Canada, #6 in the USA)
Globe and Mail online homepage

The stories appear on several hundred media sites worldwide.
The coverage seems extremely positive.
And Australia's toothy-tongued fish seems to be the darling of the
world's photo editors this time out.

NIWA is the trading name of the National Institute of Water &
Atmospheric Research Ltd.
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