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The recent issue of the  ICZN Bulletin of Zoological Nomenclature has some case work on worms.


(1) OPINION 2233 (Case 3417 [ Muir & Chambers 2008] )
Malmgrenia McIntosh, 1874 (Annelida, Polychaeta, POLYNOIDAE): usage conserved

Abstract. The Commission has ruled that the usage of the generic name Malmgrenia McIntosh, 1874 (a polynoid worm genus from the northern North Atlantic) is conserved by designation of Malmgrenia andreapolis McIntosh, 1874 as the type species of this genus.

Keywords. Nomenclature; taxonomy; Polychaeta; POLYNOIDAE; Malmgrenia; Malmgrenia whiteavesii; Malmgrenia andreapolis; scale worm; northern North Atlantic. 

(2) Case 3493 [revival of Case 2192]
Haliplanella Hand, 1956 (Anthozoa, Actiniaria): proposed conservation by suppression of Haliplanella Treadwell, 1943 (Polychaeta)
Daphne Gail Fautin, Cadet Hand (deceased), Marymegan Daly
Abstract. The purpose of this application, under Article 23.9.3 of the Code, is to conserve the generic name Haliplanella Hand, 1956 for a widespread sea anemone by suppressing the senior name Haliplanella Treadwell, 1943 that was first, through an error, used for a group of polychaete annelids, was later put into synonymy, and is now no longer used.

Keywords. Nomenclature; taxonomy; Cnidaria; Anthozoa; Actiniaria; Annelida; Haliplanella; Haliplanella lineata; sea anemones; worldwide.   


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