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[Annelida] Spirorbins wanted!

Александр Ржавский via annelida%40net.bio.net (by rzhavskij from mail.ru)
Thu Jul 8 09:50:18 EST 2010

Dear polychaete folks,
The spirorbid Phoenix Bird (myself) has probably reborn from the ashes and is back to the spirorbid research once again. So I am very interested in the material on Spirorbinae (Spirorbidae). 
1) Spirorbin fauna of some large water areas has been described and revised quite completely (by Phyllis and Wyn Knight-Joneses mainly, I have revised fauna of the Russian Seas), but there are many "white spots". And, it is possibly will surprise you that the biggest white spot is the Atlantic coast of North America. Its spirorbin fauna is described very poorly and most of the records are in need of revision and it should be re-examined in the first place. If you have any material from this region (from Panama to Canada and Greenland; material from Newfoundland is especially interesting) please contact with me for further discussion. Spirorbidae from other regions are also welcome.
2) Another request is the material of Circeis armoricana (excluding Russian waters) for molecular work. This species is widely distributed in the North Hemisphere, it is usually numerous and common, worms are small and easy to find and to transport. It was commonly defined as "spirillum" till Knight-Joneses had shown that it includes two clearly different species. Also they reported for British shore three sub-species of C. armoricana that differ in ecology (substrate) and in larval morphology. Later one of them was stated as a valid species C. paguri, but they were unsure that it is "good species" (private communication). After examining thousands of specimens of this species I also got a feeling that it may be a complex of species differ both ecologically and geographically. However, I could not fix any convenient and reliable morphological characters, although sometimes supposed that I found some. So, I would greatly appreciate receiving the material on this species suitable for sequences from different locations and different substrata. On the large scale it should be worms from
- Japan (position closed by Lena Kupriyanova, please wait for the instruction)
- The Great Britain, a very important location (promised by Andy Mackie, please wait for instructions)- mouth of the Baltic Sea (any country)- Northern Sea (any country exckuding UK)- France (Brittany)- Mexico (both Atlantic and Pacific coasts)- USA (Atlantic and Pacific coasts of the continental States + Alaska and Aleutian Islands)- Canada (Atlantic and Pacific coasts + Newfoundland)
Please contact with me for further instruction if you can help me. These will differ for different areas.
Thank you for advance,Alexander V. Rzhavsky
PS. To remind about myself - list of my main spirorbids papers, pdf may be download here  http://www.sevin.ru/laboratories/Marine_Invertebrates/rzhavsky.html (http://www.sevin.ru/laboratories/Marine_Invertebrates/rzhavsky.html)  [Rzhavsky A.V., Britayev T.A., 1984. The ecology of Janua (Dexiospira) nipponica and J. (D.) alveolata (Polychaeta, Spirorbidae) near the southern shore of the Soviet Far East ant the morphology of their tubes - Zoologicheskij Zhurnal 63(9): 1305-1316, in Russian][Rzhavsky A.V., Britayev T.A., 1988. Specific features of coloniez of Circeis armoricana on hermit-crabs on the East Kamchatka coast - Zoologicheskij Zhurnal 67(1):17-22, in Russian][Rzhavsky A.V., 1988. Two new species of the genus Bushiella (Polychaeta, Spirorbidae) - Zoologicheskij Zhurnal 67(6):865-869, in Russian][Rzhavsky A.V., 1988. Jugaria kofiadii sp.n. (Polychaeta, Spirorbidae) from the Arctic basin - Zoologicheskij Zhurnal 67(6):933-935, in Russian][Rzhavsky A.V., 1989. Spirorbidae (Polychaeta) off the East Kamchatka shelf zone - Kussakin O.G. (ed.) Hydrobiological investigations in the Avacha Inlet: 50-58, in Russian]Ржавский А.В., 1989. Новые сведения о фауне спирорбид морей СССР с дополнением к п[Rzhavsky A.V., 1991. Composition of the genus Bushiella (Polychaeta, Spirorbidae) and distribution of its representatives in the seas of the USSR; description of a new species - Zoologicheskij Zhurnal 70(3): 5-11, in Russian][Rzhavsky A.V., 1991. Revision of Januinae (Polychaeta, Spirorbidae) in the seas of the USSR - Zoologicheskij Zhurnal 70(8): 37-45, in Russian][Rzavsky A.V., 1992. A review of Circeinae and Spirorbinae (Polychaeta, Spirorbidae) of the Russian seas with description of the new species Circeis gurjanovae - Zoologicheskij Zhurnal 71(7): 5-13, in Russian][Rzavsky A.V., 1992. A review of Protoleodora and Pileolaria (Polychaeta, Spirorbidae) from the seas of the USSR with the description of a new species Protoleodora gracilis - Zoologicheskij Zhurnal 71(8): 5-14, in Russian]Rzhavsky A.V., 1992. Circeis vitreo
psis sp.n. (Polychaeta, Spirorbidae) from the Japan Sea - Ophelia 36(3): 167-170. Rzhavsky A.V., 1993. Bushiella (Jugaria) beatlesi sp.n. (Polychaeta: Spirorbidae) from the Kurile Islands with remarks on taxonomy, morphology and distribution of some other Bushiella species - Ophelia 38(2): 89-96. Rzhavsky A.V., 1994. On the morphoecology of spirorbid tubes (Polychaeta: Spirorbidae) - Ophelia 39(3): 177-182.[Rzhavsky A.V., [1994.] Distribution of Spirorbidae (Polychaeta) of the Russian shores - Explorations of the fauna of the seas 43(51): 99-105, in Russian]Rzhavsky A.V., 1997. Three new species and a new genus of Spirorbidae (Polychaeta) from the Southern Indian Ocean, with a brief description of two species incerta sedis from the southern hemisphere - Ophelia 46(3): 233-245.Rzhavsky A.V., 1998. Circeic oshurkovi sp.n. (Polychaeta, Spirorbidae) from the North Pacific - Ophelia 48(3): 207-210.Rzhavsky A.V. 2001. Spirorbidae. - In: Zhirkov A.I. Polychaeta of the Arctic Ocean, Moscow? yanus-K Press: 572-606.Kuprijanova E.K., Nishi E., ten Hove H.A., Rzhavsky A.V. 2001. Life-history patterns in serpulimorph polychaetes: ecological and evolutionary perspectives. - Oceanography and Marine Biology: an Annual Review, 39: 1-100.Ippolitov A. P., Rzhavsky A.V. 2008. On the tube microstructure of recent spirorbids (Annelida, Polychaeta). - Doklady Biological Sciences, 418: 20-22 (Translation)).

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