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And now it's in the top ten bizarre species.

Top 10 New Species - 2010 

Congratulations to the authors!

Note also the little 'killer sponge' from NZ waters which was discovered during a NIWA survey.


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> Osborn KJ, Haddock SHD, Pleijel F, Madin LP, Rouse GW 2009. Deep-Sea, 
> Swimming Worms with Luminescent "Bombs". Science 325: 964 (and online 
> 'supplement').
> Swima bombiviridis named (new genus, new species of acrocirrid)
> Abstract: "By using remotely operated vehicles, we found seven previously 
> unknown species of swimming annelid worms below 1800 meters. Specimens were 
> large and bore a variety of elaborate head appendages. In addition, five 
> species have pairs of ellipsoidal organs homologous to branchiae that produce 
> brilliant green bioluminescence when autotomized. Five genes were used to 
> determine the evolutionary relationships of these worms within 
> Cirratuliformia. These species form a clade within Acrocirridae and were not 
> closely related to either of the two known pelagic cirratuliforms. Thus, this 
> clade represents a third invasion of the pelagic realm from Cirratuliformia. 
> This finding emphasizes the wealth of discoveries to be made in pelagic and 
> deep demersal habitats."
> Nice discovery. I want to know what they feed on, and how. 
> Geoff

NIWA is the trading name of the National Institute of Water & Atmospheric Research Ltd.

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