[Annelida] spirorbid tubes or mollusk shells

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Dear Michael,
even if I the size is not reported, my  impression is that these coiled
tubes belong to spirorbine. This group is quite common in shallow
environments, especially where seagrasses occur. Some specimens show the
attached part of tubes not entirely calcified on their mid part; I observed
this aspect in several spirorbid specimens, it is not a specific character.
Interestingly, tubes on their attached part are often curved. I think that
in this shallow palaeoenvironment, (estuarine system) this can testifies the
presence of the so-called "ephemeral substrates" i.e. stalks of
grasses/algae. You can try to make SEM observations of the surface of these
casts: sometimes algal cells and other micromorphologies can be seen). In
the paper below I discuss this topic and are described (and figured)
bioimmuration casts observed in the genus Spirorbis. I have not a PDF but if
you need I can send a copy.
Best regards
SANFILIPPO R. (1998) – Spirorbid Polychaetes as boreal guests in the
Mediterranean Pleistocene. Riv. Ital. Paleont. Strat., 104(2): 279-286, 2
tavv., Milano.

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> Dear annelidians,
> a friend of mine (a mollusk specialist) asked me for advice on shells/ 
> tubes that were found in a core taken from the southern Laguna Madre (a 
> hypersaline estuarine system at the south Texas coast). We are not sure if 
> these are spirorbid tubes or a shells of a gastropods (family 
> Omalogyridae) or maybe even a vermetid gastropods (Dendropoma). Can you 
> serpulid/spirorbid specialists determine by looking at the attached photos 
> if they are spirorbid tubes?
> I am looking forward to hearing about your ideas,
> Michael
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