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Forwarded. Please contact Jan Schlogl <schlogl from fns.uniba.sk> if you can assist and wish to see other photos.
This list has a modest attachment size limit, not designed for portfolios of photos. 100 kb per image is usually plenty big enough.
Multiple photos can be placed on http://www.flickr.com/ etc.


>>> On 5/11/2010 at 12:32 p.m., <schlogl from fns.uniba.sk> wrote:
> Dear colleague,
> Olev Vinn from Tartu University advised me to address my question
> concerning some strange tubiform polychaeta-like fossils to the annelida
> study group via annelida from magpie.bio.indiana.edu. But the messages returned
> with notation of an permanent error. After, Olev suggested to try to send
> it to you directly and ask I will be gratefull if it is possible?
> The story of the fossil material is following. Last months I am working on
> a rare (in the Central Paratethys and Mediterranean) upper bathyal
> community from the Early Miocene of the Vienna Basin (basin between N
> Austria and SW Slovakia). Beautiful locality with relatively very good
> conservation. Almost all benthic groups are present, except bryozoans.
> Moreover there are two other groups, for me unknown, of small tubiform
> fossils. The first one is making colonies or aggregates some mm in
> diameter, really small, always attached on some large quartz grains or
> tiny quarzite pebbles. Tubes are agglutinated of quartz grains too. Some
> tubes look like branching. Outer surface of some is undulated or covered
> by "tubercles" and the inner surface shows shallow perforations, arranged
> in rows perpendicular to tube length. I took SEM photos but as I am
> limited to 2 mega per outgoing message I will send you them in 5 emails.
> For a moment I have two different suggestions concerning the taxonomic
> affinity of them, first one - polychaetes, second one - deep water
> foraminifers. I would like to know your opinion.
> Thank you very much
> Best
> Jan Schlogl
> Department of Geology and Paleontology
> Faculty of Natural Sciences
> Comenius University in Bratislava
> Mlynska dolina, Pav. G
> SK-842 15 Bratislava
> Slovakia

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