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Wed Nov 10 08:48:45 EST 2010

Dear colleagues,
Olev Vinn and Geoff Read suggested to try to share the pictures of strange
tubular fossils with you through some internet gallery? I have already
explained the story about these fossils in a separated mail, but I think
it will be better to repeat it one more time.
So the story of the fossil material is following. Last months I was
working on a rare (in the Central Paratethys and Mediterranean) upper
bathyal community from the Early Miocene of the Vienna Basin (basin
between N Austria and SW Slovakia). Beautiful locality with relatively
very good conservation. Almost all benthic groups are present, except
bryozoans. Moreover there are two other groups, for me unknown, of small
tubiform fossils. The first one is making colonies or aggregates some mm
diameter, really small, often attached on some larger quartz or limestone
grains or tiny quarzite pebbles. I found also some separated tubes
(probably from destroyed colonies). Tubes are agglutinated of quartz
grains too. Some tubes look like branching. Outer surface of some is
undulated or covered by "tubercles" and the inner surface shows shallow
perforations, arranged in rows perpendicular to tube length. I took SEM
photos you can see them on:


For a moment I have two different suggestions concerning the taxonomic
affinity of them, first one - polychaetes, second one - deep water
foraminifers. I would like to know your opinion.
Thank you
Best regards

Jan Schlogl

Department of Geology and Paleontology
Faculty of Natural Sciences
Comenius University
Mlynska dolina, Pav. G
SK-842 15 Bratislava

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